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Cloud computing promises to catalyze the technology economy, revolutionize health care, military, government, financial systems, scientific research, and society. Yet, many of these uses demand properties that today's cloud platforms either struggle to provide efficiently or lack altogether: reliable high-bandwidth between and widthin data centers, robustness and availability despite failure or attack, security of data and integrity of computation, cloud interoperability, and energy efficiency. Our group focuses these areas to brings us a step closer to the computer utility vision.

Cloud & Data Center Networks

Why is the data center network performance sub-optimal? Why are packets dropped if there is seemingly no congestion? What are limitations of conventional wired data center networks? Our group seeks to answer these research questions. We developed and use a unique measurement apparatus we created called SoNIC (Software Network Interface Card) to study a 10Gbps network stack at a heretofore inaccessible level with pico-second accuracy in software. We are also investigating radically new methodologies for building wire-free data centers based on emerging 60GHz RF technology.

   Data Center Network Measurements

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   Wireless Data Center Network

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   Software Packet Processors

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How does one build and secure a cloud without owning the underlying infrastructure- a cloud within a cloud? Superclouds have the ability to "unshackle the cloud" and make cloud computing a commodity instead of users being locked into a single provider. They provide a true container that completely abstracts out the underlying infrastructure and provider, thus decoupling cloud providers from users. Our approach allows us to not only migrate a live computational instance, but we can migrate the network as well.

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Cloud Storage

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